Northern Sports Industry Conference

NSIC 2018

Website for the inaugural Northern Sports Industry Conference in Sudbury, Ontario. 

Frequently asked questions

Are meals included in my delegate fee?

Yes! Students will be receiving a meal at the Gala dinner on the last day of the conference. Also included in the delegate fee are refreshments such as coffee and baked goods in between each panel.  

Will companies be hiring students for jobs and/or internships during the conference?

While we cannot guarantee any delegates will be hired to any specific company throughout the duration of the conference, speakers have requested (and have been granted the right) to screen and hire candidates for internships and/or jobs during NSIC. As a result, delegates are encouraged to have business cards and copies of their resume on hand to provide to company representatives upon request. 

Can I show up to only 1 or 2 sessions and pay a discounted rate?

No. The Northern Sports Industry Conference is set up for students to gain a progressive benefit to the conference throughout the weekend. Events have been set up, such as the Rogers™ Case Competition, will occur on both Friday and Saturday requiring attendees to attend for both days of the conference. 

Are there opportunities to engage with speakers outside of their designated speaking opportunities?

Yes! All speakers will be made available for the 15 minutes following their designated speaking opportunity. 

How do I register for the case competition? Is it an extra cost?

All delegates are automatically entered and grouped with other delegates to form groups for the case competition. Registration for the case competition is included in your delegate fee. 

Is there an age limit to the conference?

There is not age limit to the conference, however, all delegates must be secondary or post-secondary students, or may be a recent graduate of a post-secondary program (2 years removed). 

If I am not of legal age, can I still attend the social events?

Yes! All social events are accessible to all delegates. Delegates who are underage will be required to wear the provided wristbands to notify the host establishment that you are not of the legal age to consume alcohol. There is no tolerance for any underage individual who is caught without a wristband at a social event. All those who are illegally found consuming alcohol will be removed from the conference. 

Do I get to pick who I room with?

Yes. External and junior delegates are able to request individuals to room with. After registering, please send an email to Whitney Simpson, Director of Speaker Personnel with the requested arrangements. 

Do you have to be a business or sports business student to attend?

Any and all students interested in future employment in the business or sports business industry are encouraged to attend! The conference is open to any individual who is passionate about sports, sports business, or their career in general!